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I had another WordPress blog. One in which I talked about things that meant nothing. Where I pretended to be real, vulnerable. It was mostly a lie, really.

Recently, I began reading Captivating and my gosh, has it blown my mind. Among other things, I’ve discovered that while God made me fully feminine, I have chosen to live life half woman, half man. My mom always said to me, “you’re half man.” I thought it was funny. Now, I see that it’s no laughing matter. It’s true. I’ve repressed my God-given feminine characteristics that are scarier than others. Things like vulnerability. Being inviting. Tender.

So I recently begun a journey to becoming the woman God made me to be, not the woman society, my fears or insecurities tell me to be. And this blog is dedicated to chronicling the lessons I learn along the way and celebrating the big triumphs and small victories.

This may seem like a cop out way to be “vulnerable” but I assure you that I am, and will be, vulnerable about the things written here in face-to-face conversations as well. I also know that I am not the only woman who has these struggles, so in the event that this blog encourages someone someday, I would say it was worth it. And I love to write. It clears my head and gives me a better perspective. So this is as much for me as anyone else.

You are welcome to join me on the journey. Whether you begin your own journey as well or you just walk with me through mine, I am thankful for you.


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  1. musingsofalily

    I opened a wordpress where I share whatever that comes to mind. I recently opened a blogspot where I use as a memoir. I use the latter to vent my fears, all and sundry.
    I what you’re doing here. I hope it helps a whole lot. I wish you the best in your journey.

  2. Hi, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Congratulations, fellow writer and continue to be inspired. Write on.


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