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Heaven’s Portrait

I like being a girl. Even with the unfortunate reality of PMS, unforgiving cramps and irrational mood swings, I enjoy being female. It is how I was made, not an accident. Every “girly” thing I do is a reflection of God’s character and personality. Every thing that distinguishes me from a man was perfectly created to show the world the other side of my Father that the men can’t express. I’m at home in this body, in this orientation.

Women embody strength. Our strength is exquisite in its vulnerability. Women embody beauty. Our very presence commands an appreciation for God’s artistry and attention to detail. Women embody wisdom. Our desire to process life’s events together, mining for gold amidst the dirt that surrounds us is simply beautiful. Women embody complexity. We are many-faced; a bottomless well of intricacies, just like our Father. Women embody resilience. We love hard and long; we’re the last ones to give up. We are breathtaking in our tender fierceness. We are fighters, warriors, daughters, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives.

It is not a competition between “us and them”. We aren’t here to prove that we are just as good as men. It isn’t weakness to be a woman, it is immense strength. It isn’t about being better than “them”. Together, male and female, we are the completion of a portrait of God. Without one or the other, the image wouldn’t be as awe-inspiring.

Let’s embrace who we are and stop treating femininity like it’s a curse. Enough with the “I’m sorry I’m being such a girl.” Guess what? You are a girl. Learn to embrace it. Giggle hysterically at cute love stories if that’s your thing. Cry. Dream. Feel. Break – you are strong enough to handle it. We need less women trying to be men, and more women who embrace their femininity in all its imperfections and glory.


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tending the space between where i am and where i want to be.

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