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Dreamin’ Dreams

Last night was a testament to how I never dream big enough.

Six months ago, I would’ve told you that the music I write is just for me alone. And it’s true, I never write with the intention of sharing it with anyone other than my closest friends. So when my gem of a friend asked to record my music, I thought, “He’s got to be kidding.” But he wasn’t. And when I finally gave in and he asked what I was going to do with the EP, I said, “Oh I don’t know. I’ll just keep it or send it to my mom or something.” And then some more of my super talented friends graced my record with their artistry and made it better than I could’ve imagined.

And then everyone asked, “You’re going to have a release show, right?” And I, of course, thought that it would be lovely to do a little house show at someone’s house because not that many people would come anyways. So I said, “Yeah! I’m just trying to figure out a nice little location.” And then my aforementioned gem of a friend pushed me, again, and I worked up the nerve to ask if I could play at the nonprofit coffeehouse/concert venue where I volunteer. The response was, “Duh. Why was that so hard for you to ask?!”

So we made a Facebook page and invited people. About forty of them said they’d come so I thought that a reasonable expectation would be about thirty people. After all, people are generally fickle. And last night, A Strange Country played their first show at Everyday Joe’s Coffeehouse. And over a hundred people came. And if I could’ve felt any happier, I might have exploded into rainbows or fairies or something. And I didn’t once feel nervous, or unsure of myself. Because I was pushed to create something I believe in, and I was so proud to get to share that with all the people who love me. And then I thought to myself, “If this is the crescendo of this recording project, I am totally satisfied.” But nearly everyone I talked to afterwards asked when our next shows were. Because, get this, people would pay to hear us again. I never dream big enough.

I thought I’d just keep this EP and send it to my momma, but people are actually buying my music. I never dream big enough. But I’m thankful to have people in my life who stretch my dreams out into these beautiful things. I feel like the most loved person on earth today – still riding on clouds from last night.

And if you’re interested in hearing or purchasing the EP, you can do so here!


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