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Rock the ____ Boat

The whispered echoes of dissatisfaction are swelling into the beginnings of something beautiful. We aren’t content with life, love, friendship, and community as they currently are. We’ve seen undeniable glimpses of a higher calling, and it’s made us uncomfortable with our present reality. We’re hungry, desperate even, for something as real as the ache in our chests. We want more from ourselves and from each other. We know we have more to offer than this miserable sham we’ve constructed.

If we were handpicked for each other, then it must be for a purpose. We’re not walking away this time – not unless He says so. We’re staying, and we’re fighting. For each other, for what our small collective represents, for our hearts, for growth. We’re bidding farewell to immaturity, stagnancy, inauthenticity, dishonesty, gossip, slander, shame, coarse joking. We’re shamelessly pursuing agape, honesty, nakedness, growth, maturity, edification, discomfort. We’re throwing out the rug, and with it, the temptation to sweep things underneath it. We’re calling each other out without fear, because we’ll find ourselves elbows deep in each other’s dirt, mining for the gold we’re certain is buried there. We’re no longer trying to maintain a false sense of peace; we’re rocking the boat out of sheer necessity.

We’re starting small – an almost insignificant number – but we’re going to grow. Because this type of community is so attractive you can’t look away. Because this kind of love changes everything. It will change us. It will change you. We’re fighting for something different. We’re not afraid to get hurt in the process because the people are worth it. You are worth it. Talk is cheap; this time, we’re rolling up our sleeves and going to work. We’re digging deep, looking for the root, because once the root is healed, the fruits will change. No more leisurely deterioration; we’re rocking the damn boat.


About thehonestbrave

tending the space between where i am and where i want to be.

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