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A Letter for the Men

Dear Christian men,

I am afraid I haven’t been the person I should have been, the one I’m called to be. I have dishonored you. Instead of letting Love cover a multitude of sins, I have laid them bare for the world to see. I have mocked your failures, even your attempts at growth. I have sat with friends and called you names. With my tongue I have stripped you of your manhood, the very essence of what makes you you. What right have I to say that you’re a wimp? What right have I to say that you have no balls – even worse, to allude to the fact that I have more balls than you do?

If only I could take back the thousands of words that have come pouring out of my mouth unrestrained over the years. If only I could go back in time and shake my self-centered, childish self awake and stop her ceaseless grumblings. If only I could erase every memory of you ever hearing the things we women have spoken of you. If only we could start afresh.

You might not be where I selfishly want you to be, doing what I would prefer you to do, but you are not my creation. You are His. And you are so magnificently, excellently, perfectly made in His image. How could I ridicule you without realizing I was ridiculing Him? How could I ask for honor, respect, even kindness from you when I treated you to derision, insults, and loathing? How could I not see that I would only reap a harvest from the fruits I sowed?

If there were another way, another word, another gesture to convey how incredibly remorseful and apologetic I am, I would immediately offer that to you. But I am left to hope that my simple ‘I am sorry’ will be somewhat acceptable. I don’t for a second assume that my apology is enough to undo years of damage. So I, henceforth, promise to honor you with my thoughts, actions, and words. I promise to pray for you instead of ridicule you. I promise to speak only kind words or to speak no words at all where you are concerned. I promise to look at you from now on as a reflection of God’s image and not as a potential remedy for lonely nights. I promise to walk away from conversations that are not gracious and kind. Even more, I promise to not initiate those conversations. I promise to encourage, build up, and bring life like I was originally created to do.

You are more than the sum of past hurts and frustrations we hang around your neck like stones, dragging you lower and lower to the bottom of a wide river. You are strong and wild and capable and man enough. I’m sorry for making you feel any less.

With Love,

A Very Convicted Almost-Woman


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tending the space between where i am and where i want to be.

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  1. this is great! If I were a man I’d be facebook stalking you right now to figure out how I was gonna ask you out on a date hahaha. Besides that, you know the more and more I think about life and all it’s aspects like becoming a man or woman, putting your trust in God or “summoning” more faith, being a more loving person day to day…I have gotten the answer and am honestly starting to believe more and more that it will take my whole life to practice becoming those things. Not even becoming them fully. Maybe momentarily…so more and more I think the cliche, “One day at a time,” is becoming profound to me. I used to think cliches were cheesy and well…cliche…maybe they are so well known and (many) deeply true, and it’s a trick of our enemy to make them commonplace, boring, and have us cringe at their simplistic, colloquial nature. Ok chichi, I feel like I try to have conversations through the comment box…we really need to just hang out sometime 🙂 Well I hope your week is full of awesomeness…I’ll see ya around

    • the girl on a journey

      Hahaha that would be somewhat flattering if someone were Facebook stalking me, I guess… 🙂 And yes, let’s just hang out instead!


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