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Just a Little Bit of Rage

I would just like to say that I truly resent being referred to as the “relationship girl”. Or my blog being referred to as the “relationship blog”. Or the issue of relationships being referred to as my favorite topic. Contrary to the insensitive remarks I’ve heard recently, my life doesn’t revolve around the idea of relationships. Sure, it’s a big part of learning to become a woman but that’s not all it is. Yes, maybe I’ve blogged about relationships a lot more recently. Maybe that’s where my head’s at and I need to express my thoughts. But I deeply resent being called the relationship girl. There are better things to be known for.

So pardon me while I take a hiatus from writing about “relationships”. I’ll save those thoughts for my empty room in the middle of the day.

[writing blog posts when i’m irritated is probably not a good idea but i’m doing it anyways. maybe now i’ll be known as the pissed off girl.]


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  1. Chichi life is one huge relationship. Your relationship with God, with other people, and yeah with the opposite sex. Don’t keep your thoughts reserved if you want to write about them. Let people say what they want and think what they want in response to what you write. Write about what your heart and mind and soul feel like writing about. Don’t become embittered and put a wall up over a few careless remarks. I’ve done that too frequently, and it begins to ruin you (or at least it began to ruin me).

    And just to give you some comfort, at least you’re not known throughout the CSU Christian population as the ex-Wiccan or the guy who has a broken ______ (fill in the blank. Usually it’s an arm or shoulder or rib). Because that’s how Alan gets recognized by a lot of people 😉

    Just forgive and keep being vulnerable. because I appreciate seeing people be more open; it makes me feel like it’s not such a terrifying thing.
    You’re great 🙂

  2. the girl on a journey

    YOU are great, Olivia. Thank you 🙂

  3. oh you know, it’s what I do…just be great. And also awesome. haha jk


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