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I’ve never had a valentine. No, not even in grade school when boys were more scandalous about these things. But then again in grade school, I loathed the very existence of boys and made sure I told them so. During this time of year, I usually hit the “off” switch on my emotions and act like I don’t care about Valentine’s Day. I usually have more important things going anyways, like going to bed early or doing homework. But NEVER eating ice cream and watching sappy movies. I’ve never sunk that low.

This year though, I’m admitting that it’d be nice to have a Valentine for once. But I’m also admitting that I really honestly truthfully couldn’t care less if I do. I’m so inexplicably happy with my life right now. And I am  so loved. So so loved. By good people, people who’ve shown me glimpses of my worth and beauty. I couldn’t ask for more, really. A “real” valentine would just be icing on the already delicious cake.

This year I get to spend this day with my friends playing games, drinking wine, and eating chocolate covered strawberries. No pity parties this year, just celebrating life and the love of good people, albeit unromantic. And it’s warm out, so who knows, I might even wear a dress! This is the first Valentine’s I’ve been legitimately happy being single. Cheers to growth and contentment, at least for today.

And a Happy Valentine’s to all the people who fill my heart with love – you are beautiful and treasured beyond measure, and I love you. (my gosh, how happy do I sound? :-D) Now I’m going to put on a dress and bake a chocolate cake for our Valentine’s party later tonight.



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