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Christmas Cheer

Christmas time is here; happiness and cheer.

There are very many reasons to look forward to the holidays. There are equally as many reasons why the holidays are hard. But on this 29 degrees and clear day, I’m reflecting on the good. I have a warm house that has more space than I know what to do with, I have delicious food to remind me to thank God for taste buds, I have a healthy momma who loves having her baby home, I have hilarious and insightful conversations with my friend who’s here for the holidays, I have my pretty yellow Macbook to help me shut out the world when I need to. I’ve been given much. I am grateful for much.

The perfect Christmas day in my head wasn’t the Christmas day I lived out today. I envisioned lots of people, lots of laughter, and maybe, just maybe, a few hours doing something selfless, giving someone else the gift of Jesus. Instead I had a quiet breakfast, hours in the kitchen chopping things and sautéing things, and long conversations about Jewish history, cultural differences, and racism over my [deliciously prepared] lunch. And the thing is, I loved it. I really did.

Still I can’t wait to start my own Christmas traditions with my own little family someday. And I hope that whoever I’m given the honor of loving for the rest of my days won’t laugh at me when I suggest hanging out at a homeless shelter for a couple hours on Christmas. I’m hoping my kids grow up with the tradition of making a little extra food so we can share some with people who don’t have any on Christmas. After all, isn’t it right to bring presents to someone’s birthday party? And what better gift for Him than to take care of the least these on His day? But I’m not there yet, so I’m celebrating where I am and what I’ve got for today. [I have no idea how I became the crazy family member who suggests terrible things like hanging out with homeless people on Christmas].

I’m celebrating the Love that came, fought and died to redeem this almost-woman. I’m redeemed and made free and victorious because He came. That’s cause for a party – with lots of relatives, or one.

Merry Christmas.


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