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Holy Resplendence

“A woman becomes beautiful when she knows she is loved.”

Another marvelous quote from my new favorite book Captivating. The truth to this statement is multidimensional. We’ve all seen it. The sudden emergence of breathtaking beauty in our friends who start dating that wonderful guy, or get engaged, or even are simply just pursued. There is a certain glow, a certain exuberant radiance that is unmistakable. This is because when a man pursues a woman in a romantic relationship, when he spends intentional time getting to know her, when he truly sees her as beautiful and tells her so, when he delights in her presence, he is saying to her: You are worth getting to know. You are captivating. What I see and discover about you fills me with an insatiable hunger for more because you, at your very core, are intriguingly beautiful. At least that’s what he should be saying. And a woman’s heart, like a budding rose, begins to unfurl and bloom and soon she’s resplendent.

This is all well and good, but for those women like myself who are yet to experience that kind of pursuit, it can leave us feeling like the rest of the world will not see our beauty till that one comes. And that’s a somewhat depressing thought. But it is far from the truth.

The truth is, a woman becomes beautiful when she is loved, not specifically by a man, but with a love that is true. And what is truer than the love of our Savior? He romances out hearts in so many ways every single day. But we sometimes get so caught up in looking for the knight in shining armor who will sweep us off our feet with one glance that we fail to see the sunrises and sunsets he paints just for us, the crunchy leaves strewn across our paths, the wild bursts of color at the peak of autumn, the snowcapped mountains, the incredible people he surrounds us with, the way music makes our hearts beat ferociously in our chests…the many ways he whispers to our hearts “I love you. You are my beloved. You are the reason I created all this splendor. It’s all for you, so through it you can delight in Me.

I guess today I am just more awestruck at the many ways He loves me. Oh how He loves me. And I want to give in to that true, passionate, fiery love with all that I am. I want to invite Him into the deepest parts of me, the parts even I am afraid to visit. I want to believe and trust Him when he says that I am worth it, that I am deeply beautiful. I want to love Him with everything I am so that I can be radiant, filled with the glow that comes only from dwelling deeply in His love.

I want a man’s pursuit to only add to the already existent glow that is characteristic of my life.


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